2021 NEA Higher Education Conference Presentation

Sue Clery
NEA Higher Education Conference • March 12, 2021

This session provided an update of the status of compensation in academia. ASA partner Sue Clery reviewed historical trends in salaries, salary differences across types of faculty, where the big “winners” are, those who may not feel as flush, and the salary differential between faculty and institutions with and without collective bargaining agreements. Salary and tenure opportunity differentials between women and men were also presented, along with findings regarding the erosion of tenure.

Sue also reviewed early findings from new research on the usage of contingent faculty in four states, the use of part-time faculty as related to institution’s attempt at cost savings, and the composition of and salaries paid to non-instructional staff, focusing on administrative, managerial and executive staff as compared to faculty and other non-instructional staff.

A CUDAS (College and University Data Analysis System) tutorial was also provided. CUDAS is NEA’s online data-rich bargaining tool that allows users to quickly produce reports for an institution and a group of peers. Data include faculty and staff salaries, a view into how institutions spend their money, and the changing streams of revenues, including appropriations compared to tuition. CUDAS’ new disinvestment tool was demonstrated, along with ideas for how to use CUDAS reports for collective bargaining purposes.